CI Invoicing List

light111Convergent Invoicing- Invoicing List

Invoicing list- groups multiple single invoicing document(s) together into an invoicing document. The invoicing list document acts like an overview document created out of multiple single invoicing documents and then this overview invoicing document can be send to the recipients.

An invoicing list document creation involves two steps:-

  1. Invoicing Function- Preselect Invoicing Document for Invoicing List. when you really create the invoicing document for a CI Billing Doc(Invoicing Order), then this preselct invoicing function, create another CI billing doc(invoicing order), of source document category- SUBIN. This invoicing order then processed by the next invoicing function- Create Invoicing List. 
  2. Invoicing Function- Create Invoicing List. This invoicing function processes invoicing orders with source document category- SUBIN which were created by the previous invoicing function- Preselect Invoicing Document for Invoicing List. 

The invoicing list provides an overview of the single invoicing documents that were generated, and is not intended to be used as a basis for handling payment of the single invoicing documents. The invoicing list is created using only the information in the single invoicing documents, without considering their clearing status or the related posting documents.

Let’s first look into the invoicing process- invoicing functions.


The invoicing process has below invoicing functions. It is possible to create separate invoicing processes for “PRESELECT” invoicing function and “Create Invoicing List” invoicing function. But to just simply understand how invoicing list works, the below setup will work simply fine.


The selection control details.




The details of invoicing type.


The source document category details- 


To enable Creation of invoicing list- use posting area:- 2637.


From bits we have 5 CI invoicing orders(CI Billing Docs).


Execute the invoicing( Tx- FKKINV_S ) select 5 CI Invoicing Orders. 


Let’s don’t combine 5 CI invoicing docs, into 1 invoicing document, as we need multiple invoicing documents. And during the creation of invoicing document, select below 2 highlighted invoicing function. Once will create the real invoicing document and the second “Preselect” invoicing function will create invoicing order(CI billing doc) with source document category- SUBIN

Invoicing Unit-1


..similar for invoicing units- 2,3&4.

Invoicing Unit-5


Now we have 5 real invoicing document for which posting doc are created. Also for each invoicing document- the field ” Invoice Subdocument” field is marked. 


Details of each invoicing doc- with posting document.

Invoicing Doc- 100001307 details


Posting doc-


Invoicing Doc- 100001308 details



…… Invoicing Doc- 100001309, 100001310

Invoicing Doc- 100001311 details


Preview of one of the CI invoicing document.


Now check the invoicing order trigger table, it has 5 new invoicing orders with source document category- SUBIN . 


Now let’s create invoicing for the invoicing list. Execute the invoicing( Tx- FKKINV_S ). Select the invoicing orders with source doc category- SUBIN.


This time choose the invoicing function- Create Invoicing List.


The invoicing List Document details.


It has no posting document. 


The invoicing list – source document are the real invoicing documents.


The invoicing list – preview. It’s a just overview of the real invoicing documents.



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