SAP CC Subscriber Range Table

light111SAP CC Subscriber Range Table

In CC[Convergent Charging], first create a range table class and out of this range table class create a range table.

In the CC charge plan , it is possible to define the parameter whose type is a range table and assign a range table ID to this parameter.

Now in CRM side when you design a product this charge plan is assigned to the product. 

When a provider order is created in CRM with items referring to the above product,

on the item details , Convergent Charging Tables section- There are different options

  1. Don’t change the default range table assigned to the charge plan. Create a contract and this contract is hold the charge plan information and during usage rating the default range table is used in the rating process. In this case no “Subscriber Range Table” is created.


2. The second option could be – redefine the table. Once you select this option the system allows you to create a new object specific range table which hold the business partner information.  This object specific business partner specific range table maintained in CRM  side, replicated and created in CC system and called as Subscriber Range Table.

When contract is created in CRM out of the order, this contract replicated in CC and this contract hold the information of the charge plan where the parameter now refers to the subscriber range table and this is used in the rating process.

Here once you choose redefine, the create button is enabled.


Here you can change the range table values.


3. The third option is Assigned table, once you select this option , here you can assign a new range table[which are created in CC ]  which meets the special requirement of the contract. Once you assign a new  range table , the contract charge plan range table parameter holds this new range table which will be later used for the rating process.

In CC,  Subscriber Range Table can be searched like below:




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