Payment Card Processing in Convergent Invoicing

light111Payment Card Processing in Convergent Invoicing

If Card Payment has to be processed in CI[Convergent Invoicing] , design the BIT class  with relevant interfaces enabled for 1. Card Payment 2. Payment Card Data. 

Read the F1 Help for interface Card Payment.


The Real BITs can be generated from CC  that contains payment card information. For demo lets use demo program to Create BITs with Payment card data .


Create CI Billing Doc from BITs.


The billing document contains the payment data item information.



Before invoicing, check the invoicing process, invoicing function.


The invoicing process 01, contains the card payment with immediate clearing Invoicing function which will be used while creating CI invoicing document.


Check the Posting area 1120 related to card payment.


The proper G/L account must be maintained for the posting.


Create Invoice and check  Items tab which contains two items. To see the posting document check Posting Document tab. 


If more information about posting doc required, select the posting document and see  posting entries.



  1. hello,
    i have small query here-invoice document is created with payment document , but both documents are have the same document type, how system will understand


  2. Siva.. you did a great Job in sharing the knowledge you gained. can you continue this process till end.. FPCS execution settlement run with bank. that would be complete picture. Also share table where all it get saved.


  3. Hi,
    I have configured the same and created the sample bits, but in invoice document credit card amount is showing positive amount ..pls can u help , where it’s went wrong…


  4. Great blog! Could you please also help to understand if we need to do the config under the node, Basic Functions => Billable Items => Billable Item Transfer =>Define Payment Methods for Payment processing


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