SAP CC Master Charge & Dependent Charge

light111CC Master Charge & Dependent Charge

In CC[Convergent Charging] a charge can either be Master Charge  or Dependent Charge.

Dependent Charge depends on the master charge and both master & dependent charge must use same type of rates i.e Usage/recurring.

Below post shows how to create a master and dependent charge and use both in the charge plan.

Let’s create a Master Charge.


In the charge Price Plan, add a Usage Rate and assign the chargeable item class and add a flat rate function to the usage rate. Save the charge.


Create another charge and choose the type as Dependent charge.


Add a usage rate to the price plan of the charge and assign a chargeable item class. Add a flat rate function to the usage rate. Finally Save the charge.


Now we have two charge one is dependent charge with flat usage rate 10 EUR and dependent charge with flat usage rate as 1 EUR.

Now create a Charge Plan and add two charges to it. Once both charges are added as items to the charge plan, in the charge plan Dependencies tab, the charge dependecy can be maintained.


First Charge is a Client Debit Charge.


When a dependent charge is added to the charge plan, user can maintain a role such as- Discount/Commission or other. In this case a discount role is added with Credit Client.


Now when BITs are requested for the charge plan, it creates 2 BITs for the two charges one with 10 EUR and second one is with -1 EUR.


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