SAP CC Usage & Recurring Rates

light111Convergent Charging Usage & Recurring Rates

In SAP CC , a single charge can be designed where the price plan can contain both Usage Rate and Recurring Rate. The usage rate contains the Chargeable item class and the recurring rate don’t contain any chargeable item class. When you request for the BITs for the charge plan, the BITs generated for the usage as well as for the recurring. These BITs transferred to CI[Convergent Invoicing]  system and there we can find CITs & BITs for the Usage but only BITs for the recurring.

The below post shows a simple creation of Charge with Price Plan that contains both Usage and Recurring Rates.

A charge contains a charging plan and price plan.


Create a Charge and charging plan. Add a Price plan to the charge.


Add a Usage Rate to the price plan and assign a Chargeable Item class and now add a flat function to the Usage rate.


A complex usage rate calculation can be formed but for simplicity a flat function added with fixed amount 5 EUR. This means that when ever usage is requested the price found a 5 EUR.


In the price plan, again add a recurring rate . Here a recurring trigger time can be set as Day,Week,Month or Year. Let’s maintain as Every Day.


Add a Flat function to the recurring rate and provide a value 1 EUR which means that per day 1 EUR will be charged.


Finally Save the charge and do Trial run.


Test the usage.


Test the recurring.


In an integrated scenario with CRM,CC and CI, the charge is assigned to a charge plan and the charge plan is assigned to the CRM product. When a CRM provider order and contract is created with that product, the provider contract created SAP CC and then you can request for the usage against the contract[ with technical resource ID], at that time the BITs generated for the usage and also for the recurring.


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