SAP CC WebServices

light111CC Important Web Services 

In many times it is required to call the CC [Convergent Charging] web services. For testing purpose SOAP UI can be used with WSDL.

Below Webservice can be used to create CITs/BITs in CC and then the CITs/BITs transferred to CI.

Technical Name- chargeableItemCharging

WSDL-  https://CC_INSTANCE_HOST:CC_WS_PORT_NUMBER/chargeableItemCharging?wsdl

It has 4 service operations:

  • chargeableItemCharge
  • chargeableItemChargeMass
  • chargeableItemChargeBundle
  • chargeableItemCheckCharge

In SOAPUI- Create a SOAP project and provide the WSDL .


It has 4 different operations. For each request provide the details and run it to get the  CC response.





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