CRM Recurring Price Condition Type/Record Distribute to SAP CC

light111CRM Recurring Price Condition Type/Record Distribute to SAP CC

SAP CC ( Convergent Charging) not only generates the BITs for the usage data but also sends BITs for the recurring fees. 

Generally in CRM the recurring price condition type is created and when provider order or contract is created, in pricing this recurring price is determined. But this recurring value needs to be send to the CC system. For this in CRM, you can mark the price condition type which is distribution relevant and then certain reports in CRM can be executed which send all the price condition records of the condition type to SAP CC.  From CRM only the Price Key, Validity, Amount and Currency is passed to SAP CC.

In CRM in below  highlighted path, necessary condition type can be maintained which are CC distribution relevant.


Maintain the CRM price condition types which are CC distribution relevant.


There are certain reports available in CRM which can be used to push the CRM condition records to CC.

  • CRM_ISX_CC_COND_CONSISTENCYCHK to check the consistency of pricing master data in SAP CRM against SAP CC.

  • CRM_ISX_CC_COND_INITIALLOAD to perform an initial load of all existing records.

  • CRM_ISX_CC_GENERATE_OBJECT_ID to generate a cross system price key for already existing condition records.



Here you can select the condition types that are maintained in above customizing and you can execute it in test/production mode.


In CC it creates a price mapping table with price key, validity , amount and currency.


Later the price mapping table can be used to calculate the recurring price.


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