Condition Contract

light111Condition Contract

The post describes how to make configuration for the condition contract and create condition contract with condition record for material.

Path – SPRO->Logistics General-> Settlement Management->Condition Contract Management


A condition contract type can be created.


The condition contract can contain  price condition for sales and purchasing.  For sales, a sales condition type group can be assigned[ this sales condition type group must be created first, see next steps]


Here you can define condition types for sales and mark then which can be used in context of condition contract.


Here one cond type- DCHB is marked as condition contract relevant.


Here a condition type group can be defined and associated with the condition contract relevant condition types.


A condition contract can be created in Tx- WCOCO .


You can provide the validity date the supplier number and the eligible partner and can create condition record for the condition type allowed in the customizing.


Sales tab.


Purchasing tab.


Release the Contract.



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