Trace Web Service

Trace Web Servicelight111


The  last post [  CRM Provider Product with CC Charge Plan ]  explains how CC Charge Plans are read from CRM via web service call.

In many time, if you know that the system makes call to certain web service when you do certain actions but you don’t know about the web service details like what is the interface and which method. This post will help to make a trace to web service call.

The post [ CRM Provider Product with CC Charge Plan] tells in CRM provider product a CC charge plan is assigned via cross-catalog mapping.

To trace web service, execute Tx- SRT_UTIL .


Click on Traces button.


Provide the user name[ usually the logged in user name appears], continue.


Activate Performance Trace, Payload Trace and  set Functional Trace to high and Save the configuration.


Now in CRM , provider product try to assign a CC charge plan, this makes a call to CC webservice to get all the charge plans.


Werservice is called and all CC charge plans are displayed in CRM.


Now go to the Trace Tabs[ Performance Trace ]


Here is shows which web service interface is called during the trace on period. Double click on that.


The below details screen appears which also shows which method of the webservice interface is called.



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