SD Pricing Condition Table

light111SD Pricing Condition Table Creation


In SD, pricing in order or billing, etc is calculated by the pricing procedure. The condition types in the pricing procedure may have a access sequence and the access sequence contains a sequence of condition tables. Each condition table contains a list of fields against which the condition record is created and the price is determined.

By standard SAP provides many condition tables whose number line between (001-500). And number from 501 to 999 can be used by the customer to create their own pricing condition table. 

The required fields which can participate in pricing, must be first added to the pricing field catalog and this can be done by enhancing 3 pricing structures: KOMG, KOMK and KOMP. Once the field appears in the pricing field catalog, then this can be added to the new condition table. 

The below post shows how to create SD condition table and generate it.

From below highlighted path, choose Define Condition tables.


Here 4 options appear. First one is to add pricing relevant fields to the field catalog and then 3 are for create/change/display condition table.

We can use this or we can use Tcodes for this:

OV24- Add fields to the pricing field catalog

V/03 , V/04, V/05- Create /Change/Display   Condition Table



Step 1- Execute tcode- OV24, Already few fields are added to the field catalog if new one required choose New Entries.


Press F4.


All fields from structure- KOMG, KOMK  & KOMP are listed below. If any one identified, just double click on it and it gets added to the pricing field catalog.



Step 2- Use tcode- V/03 to create a new condition table. Provide a number from 501 to 999 ( customer number range).


Here we will use- 989 and press ENTER key.


On the right side, all fields display from the field catalog. Double click on the field which are required for this condition table and it appears on the left side pane.


For this condition table : lets add: sales org, distribution channel, material and material group.


Once added, a developer can see the technical details by selecting the button Technical View.


Go Back.


Now time to generate the condition table.


Hit YES.


The log displayed. When a condition table is generated, in the backend a DB transparent table is created and this table is used to store the condition records. 

The log shows a table : A898 is generated.


The same table can be viewed from – SE11



The condition table created can be viewed from Tx- V/05 .




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