AIF Message Processing Types

light111AIF Message Processing Types

Once message reach the AIF, it is persisted in the DB table. Then the message to be processed immediately online or by background job  or the message to be processed later depends on the run time configuration group. 

Below post shows how to configure runtime configuration group for synchronous and asynchronous message processing



Provide name space- ZDEMO


The run itme config ID- XML for which- checkbox Runtime CFG Active checkbox is selected. This means as soon as message reached AIF it starts processing( online processing , no background job)


Execute Tx- /AIF/ERR to see the AIF interface specific logs.


Here we have 1 message which already processed( after processing the message status may be Error or Successful).


Execute the test program to send a message to AIF.


Now check log in Tx- /AIF/ERR, so here now one more message is received and processed successfully.


And you can check Tx- SM37 and confirm that there is no job.


Now we can set the Run Scheduled checkbox along with Run time cfg Active, which means as soon as message reached in AIF the processing starts but not online but via background job.


Use test program to send a message again.


Refersh Tx- /AIF/ERR and it shows one more message received and processed immediately( final status Error).


Tx- SM37 can be checked which shows AIF message processed via background job and job log can be displayed.


One runtime config. id can be crated where Runtime Cfg Active check box is  not selected. This means once it is reached AIF, the processing not started automatically. It has to be start manually.


Execute the test report to send a message to AIF.


Check Tx- /AIF/ERR, one more message reached AIF but its start is ready( not yet processed).


Then report- /AIF/PERS_RUN_EXECUTE must be run either online or a scheduled job which processes all the received unprocessed messages.


Provide the namespace and the runtime conifg ID. Execute.


Execution finished with a status message.


Check- message status in Tx- /AIF/ERR and the previous unprocessed message now processed.



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