Workflow Work Item List Display

light111Workflow Work Item List Display

Many times the developer needs to check the status of the workflow and the tasks that are triggered in the system. Normally workflow are triggered by the user WF-BATCH and can not be debugged. In such a case many trace tools are available to check the workflow related queries. One of them is to use Tx- SWI1

Execute Tx- SWI1 


Here the selection parameters can be filled to see the particular result. Lets search all the workflow triggered in the system within the creation date range. Excute.


It shows few results: the list the workflow and the tasks triggered. 

To see the log details, choose a particular line and click on the LOG button.


To see the workflow in graphical format- click on the highlighted icon.


It shows the workflow graphical format. Go back.


Here we can the workflow container details. Normally the workflow container carries the business information. Click on the highlighted icon.


The step history shows few important information. To see the container details, click on the container tab.


Here we have the run time information in the container. Container information is useful where the developer can really see if the information are correct or not.



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