Business Configuration Set- BC Set

light111Business Configuration Set


Think of a case where we have two different sap systems: one is dev & other one is test system. Now all the configuration(customizing) are properly carried out in development system and saved in a customizing TR. Now we need to take all these customizing to the test system.

One way could be, if  the dev  & test systems are connected, simply releasing the TR in dev system , all the required customizing saved in the TR will be available in test system.

Another way could be, if  the dev & test system are connected or not  connected doesn’t matter.  Just to prepare a BC set in the dev system out of the customizing TR & download the BC set to the local machine & then upload that BC set from your local machine to the target system and activate the  BC set which will create all the customizing .

The below post describes about preparing a BC set in one system , downloading it to the local machine and then uploading the BC set to the target system and activating it.

Here we have two systems with Tx- SPRO img activity open.


Open the distribution channel in both systems. So both system are identical values of distribution channel. 


Now create few new distribution channels and these we need to take to the target system by BC set. Here two new distribution channels created.


Save the newly created customizing objects in a customizing TR.


Go Back.


So we created two new customizing entries for the distribution channel.


We can check the object locked in the customizing request in Tx- SE09 .


Now we have to prepare the BC set out of the customizing TR. So run Tx- SCPR3


Now select Create button to create a BC set.


Provide the details like BC set name, description and we need to assign the customizing objects in the BC set, in this case all our customizing records are saved in the TR, so choose Create BC Set From as [ Transport Request and provide the TR number ] and continue.


The popup shows all the objects locked (here we have only one view shown) . In case u have saved multiple customizing objects in a TR it should display all. Select Continue.


The next popup shows how many records of each view/object are stored in the TR. Its perfect now. Click on SAVE button.


Now we need to store the BC set in a package.  For demo lets store it in local package.


The BC set created out of the transport request.  Double click as highlighted.


It should show the view name and all the entries  of that view but newly created records should be selected. Now save the BC set and click on the download button.


Save the BC  set in your local machine.


The success message of the BC set download.


Here it is the BC set in my machine desktop.


Now go to the target system and execute Tx- SCPR3 to upload the bc set from the local machine.


Select the upload button.


Select the destination from where to pick up the BC set.


Lets save in local package.


Save it. Well the BC set is just uploaded and created in the target system.


Open Tx- SPRO in and check the distribution channel 02 and 03 still not created.


Now we need to activate the uploaded BC set from Tx- SCPR20 which will create the customizing records in the views.

Execute Tx- SCPR20


Provide the BC set name from the F4 help and choose activate button.


Well the list says it will create distribution channel with value 02 and 03. Select Copy values.


Here choose continue.


The BC set activated. we can also check the log. Select the highlighted button to see the BC set activation log.


Here the log.


Now check the distribution channel in Tx- SPRO and here we have 2 newly created distribution channel from the activation of BC set.



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