RFC Connection Test Program

light11RFC Connection Test Program



Programmers use Tx- SM59 to create a RFC connection and they can perform a rfc connection test by using the button [ Connection Test] to check if the connection is working or not.

So below we have SM59, RFC Destination and the connection test works fine.


At times, programmers develop reports that makes rfc connection and perform business intensive operations. The programmer can build the report that the report can run in Test mode and in production mode. In test mode the program only checks if the rfc connectivity is working or not and in the production mode actual RFC FM can be called.

In such a case to test if the rfc connection is working or not  the standard RFC enabled FM- RFC_PING  can be used in the program.


The  below program shows the uses case of using FM-RFC_PING in test mode to check the rfc connectivity.

So below we have the report. 


Used message  in program.


Execute in test mode.


you may give a rfc destination which is incorrect and we have the below message.



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