Operation mode

light11How to set operation mode

Why Operation mode?

In SAP we have resource limitations. We can not define too much  background work process as well dialog work process.  In day time we have more dialog activity and in night time we usually have more batch activity.  So SAP provided operation mode concept to overcome this problem.

We can define operation modes like day and night and can assign work processes according to the need. We also can define time for that so that dialog work process will convert into back ground and vice versa in the defined time which will improve system performance.

Steps: Goto Tx-RZ04.


Following screen appears. Now click on create button as shown in screenshot.


Following screen appears.


Fill the Details like operation mode name and description and save it.


 Now you can see One operation mode created .


In this way you can create one more operation mode . Below you can see i have created two operation mode ‘DAY’ and ‘NIGHT’ .


Now click on Setting –> Base on Current status –> New instances –>Generate.


Following screen appears which shows the work process details in each operation mode.


Now click on particular operation mode to re-arrange the work process as per your requirement.Here i have clicked on day operation mode and i need more dialog WP and less Back ground WP.


Here You can change the background WP  number , the dialog WP will automatically change . I have set 1 Back ground WP and 8 dialog WP. Now save it.


Now you can see the the work process details of DAY operation mode as i set in previous step.


In Below screenshot you can see work process details in both of the operation mode.Now Save.


Now execute Tx-SM63.


Now click on Normal operation  and click change.


Below screen appears.


Now click on set interval or press F2 and click on the start time as shown in picture.


Now click again on set interval and then click on end time.


Now click on assign 


Now you will be asked to fill the operation mode name as shown in below screenshot.Fill it.


Now you can see time has been assigned for operation mode DAY.


Now you can see time has been arranged for both of the operation mode.



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