How to define BP(business partner) roles?

lightHow to define BP(business partner) roles?



Execute Tx- BP


A  BP – can be a person,a group or an organization. choose Organization.


The Create in BP role shows all the roles that are applied to organization. 


To define a BP role. Use Tx- SPRO and under cross application components choose Define BP roles under highlighted section.


Always a BP Role category is assigned to BP role, So choose BP role categories first.

Here you can create a new category . Lets choose Role Category: BBP000( Vendor). Double click on it.


This only applies to Organization.


Now choose BP Roles from left side tree and a new BP role can be created with new entries option. Lets select the already created BP role: BBP000 and double click on it.


Here the BP Role is assigned to the Role category.


So once you select to create Organization then role BBP000 appears.


If you choose as Group then role BBP000 don;t appear in the list because the role category associated with the role only assigned to organization.



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