Tax Determination in SAP SD

lightTax Determination in SAP SD



In tax determination, few things to be taken care

  1.  Condition Type for Tax
  2. Define Tax Class for Customer
  3. Define Tax Class for Material
  4. Assigning tax condition type to the country
  5. Condition records for the tax condition type
  6. Assigning cust tax class to the customer master
  7. assigning material tax class to the material


We can define a condition type for tax. Go to SPRO and IMG structure and navigate along the highlighted path – Define Condition Types


Select Maintain Condition Types option.


Here we can create a new entries or already condition type- MWST is available. Double click on MWST line for details.


If the condition type to be used for tax, then the Condition class should be-D(Taxes). The access sequence is MWST.


Check the access sequence – MWST so that we get to know the condition tables used, which will be useful during condition records creation for the condition type- MWST


Choose Maintain Access Sequences.


Select access sequence- MWST and double click on ACCESSES from left side section.


Here we have three access numbers 8, 10 and 20 with three different condition tables 078, 002 and 011. Choose each line and select Fields from lest hand side to get to know the fields used in the condition tables.


For condition table – 078


For condition table – 002


For condition table – 011


So far we check the tax condition types and its access sequence. Next is to create customer tax class.

Execute transaction – OVk3


Here tax class – 0,1&2 are created for the tax condition type MWST. New customer tax class can be created from New Entries for different tax condition types. When we create customer master, we have to maintain the tax condition type and the tax class in the Sales area section.


Next is to create Material Tax class for the tax condition type. This tax condition type and the material tax class should be used during the material master creation.

Execute Tx- OVK4


Below material tax classes form 0 to 7 are maintained for the tax condition type- MWST. New material tax class for any tax condition type can be created by using new entries option.


Next step is to assign the tax condition types to the country.

Execute Tx- OVk1


Here specify which tax condition types are applicable for which country. 


Here we have a customer master (Tx- XD03) and in the sales area data section we have maintained the tax details in the billing document section/tab.

The tax country, tax category and the customer tax class.


Here we have a material master(Tx- MM03), the tax details are maintained in the Sales: Sales Org.1 tab. 

The details of the tax data- tax country , tax category and material tax class.


Next step is to create condition records in Tx- VK11 for the tax condition type MWST.

Already we have the condition records for the tax condition type- MWST. Check in tx- VK13


Provide tax condition type MWST and hit enter key.


The tax Condition type – MWST is assigned to the access sequence- MWST where three access lines are maintained. So here we have 3 options . Choose first and continue.


Provide country ass- DE and execute.


No condition records are maintained for the first access line.


Lets check the condition records for the second access line.


Provide country as – DE and execute.


Here we have many condition records. We are interested to check for the

Country- DE, Cust tax class- 0 and Mat Tax class- 1

For this we have amount is maintained as 0,000


Check the condition records for the access line – 3


Provide country as- DE and execute.


We have two records.


Now its time to create a sales order. Lets create a Debit memo request.


Provide the sold-to-part(customer) and the material and quantity.

For the material with quantity 10, the amount determined as 175,50. Double click on the item line.


Go to the conditions tab. Here the tax condition type- MWST is determined with tax amount 0 . Click on the analysis button.



The pricing procedure is determined and in the overview section, for MWST it says the condition record has been found.


From left side, expand the condition type MWST and from among three access line – 008,010 and 020 , second access line is fulfilled.


Access sequence access line numbers to verify.


Let’s go to the Tx- VK13 and check the condition records for the tax condition type- MWST.

Choose second option and continue.


Provide country as – DE and execute.


Here we have a condition record- for the cust tax class- 1 and material tax class- 1 the tax amount is 19,00.


In the Tx- XD02 change the customer tax class to 1 and save.


Already the material tax class as- 1.


Now create a DMR in Tx- Va01 and provide the sold-to-party(Customer) and provide material with quantity in item section. Double click on the line.


Here the tax is calculated 19% of net amount  351 = 66.69 EUR. Select the analysis button.


The second access line is found for the tax condition type- MWST




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