Trace Log Data Changes

lightHow to trace Log Data Changes 



SAP provides some standard feature of storing the changed values of table/view fields over period of time. To store the changed data log the related settings should be enabled in the technical settings section of the table.

This post shows how to see the change log of a view shown in the IMG. Go to Tx- SPRO and navigate along the path to open the ‘Enter Global Parameters’.


Here we are in change mode. Double click on particular record.


The below screen appears. mark no value maintained for the Credit Control area.


Maintain a value and save it.


Now clear the credit control area value and maintain a value for the FM area.Save it.


Now remove the FM area value and save it.


In above few steps we changes some field values of different fields. Now to see the log data changes we have to figure out the view. If you know the view name in advance it should be fine.

To determine the view name, select the line and from the menu select Edit->Display IMG Activity.


Go to the Maint.Objects tab and here we can get the view name as ‘V_001_B’.


To check the changes execute Tx- SCU3 .


Select the button ‘Analyze Logs’.


Provide the view name and provide suitable start and end date between which change log to be displayed. And may be you can select different display format.


This is an optional step when the table used in multiple view( you may not encounter everytime this step). We have to select the first line.


It display the date and user who changed.  It shows the old and new values of a particular field  at a particular time . 

For the field Credit Control area.


For the field FM Area.


Open the view in SE11 and select the table T001.


Both the fields for which the log data changes demonstrated are present in this table.


To enable the log data changes the highlighted check box should be selected to stored the data changes in the standard SAP table.



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