Report Documentation

lightReport Documentation



The post shows how to maintain a report documentation and whats is the use of this.

We have a simple report with a selection screen and with output.


Execute the report and we have the selection screen and execute it.


Here is the output.


Pretty Simple! Now from the menu we can navigate to the Documentation.


The be;ow template appears.


We can add few lines about the report which is very helpful for the end user. And this documentation later can be translated into different languages so that different country users can read about the REPORT functionality like what is does , what is the output.

So write in appropriate section, Save & activate, Go back.


Execute the report and we have the output with one more extra information button . Select the information button.


This shows the report documentation!


Well from the Tx- SE38 abap editor screen, we can also display the documentation or change it.





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