Report Variant Transport


Variant Transport



It is often required to maintain variants for reports may be test and production system. Normally in production system it is not allowed to any thing. So things are done in test system and transported into production system. 

The below post shows how to add a variant into a workbench transport request and then it request can be released so that the variant will reach the production system.

Also the post provides hint how to add a deleted variant to the transport request so that it can be deleted from the production system as well. You can ignore few steps that says how to create a variant.

Let’s create a variant for Tx- VF04

Execute Tx- VF04.


Provide some input field values as you want to set for the variant.


From the menu save the variant.


provide a variant name and description . Finally SAVE it.


Get the program name for the Tx- VF04 from the menu.


Here we have the program name.


To transport the variant for a report, run the program ‘RSTRANSP’ in Tx- SE38.


Provide the report name which variant you want to transport. press Execute button.


It list all the variants, select the one that you want to transport & deselect those that you don’t. Press Continue.


Now it asks for the TR number. Create one TR and assign the TR name  which is already created and press Continue.


Now the Variant is added to the TR number. Now for Tx- SE09 you can release the TR and soon after sometime the variant will be available in the target system.

Another way to transport the variant is, Execute Tx- SE38.

Provide the report name whose variant you want to transport. Select the Variants Radiobutton and select Display.


Chose the variant name from the F4 help.


From Utilities ,select Transport Request…


Ultimately it reached the same point. Execute.


Select  the variant want to add in a transport request and continue


Here you can save it in a TR.


If you want to delete a variant and it should deleted from the target system. Then first add the variant into a TR and then delete the variant from the report screen and then transport the TR . The locked variant in the TR which doesn’t exists in the source system, if now released will delete the variant in the target system.


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