hana-viewHANA Views- An Intro!




Modeling refers to refining data present in database tables by creating views to address any business use case. In SAP HANA such views are termed as Information Views. 

Data can be classified as:

  • Attribute-Its descriptive data like Customer Id, Material, Country, Address etc.
  • Measure-Its quantifiable data like Quantity Sold or Purchased, Revenue or Amount.

In SAP HANA  the information views can be categorized as:

  • Attribute View– Its an entity which is modeled based on the relationships between attribute data contained in different source tables. Simply its a view on multiple tables(master data).  Further it can be joined with other tables in the analytic views or calculation views. 

  • Analytic View– Its a combination of multiple tables (transnational data)that contain both attribute data and measure data. An attribute view can also be added in the data foundation of the analytic view. 

  • Calculation View– It is used to define more advanced/complex  data representation which is not covered by either analytic or attribute view. The data foundation is built on multiple tables, analytic views and attribute views . It can contain calculation logic and advanced SQL logic. 

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