ALV with IDA(ALV on HANA)-2

alv-idaSimple first ALV with IDA.




As a first demo on ALV with IDA let’s begin with SFLIGHT table display. The ALD with IDA can be created from ABAP perspective on HANA Studio or from the back end system GUI. The demo shows both of them.

Open HANA Studio and go to the ABAP pespective. Create a project first.

Now from the left side tree, project explorer, right click on the project and select NEW->ABAP Program


Provide the package, program name & description and select FINISH.


Now just put the code as shown below. Activate and run as ABAP Application.

cl_salv_gui_table_ida=>create( iv_table_name = ‘SFLIGHT’ )->fullscreen( )->display( ).


Here is the alv.


Also the same program can be opened in GUI and test.


Output ALV.



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