Hyper link in Adobe Form

Hyperlink in Adobe form can be achieved with smart style.

To create a smart style, go to Tx- SMARTFORMS .


Select Style and provide a name and click on Create button.


We need a character format for our hyperlink, but we can’t activate the smart style without a standard paragraph.

So Double click on Paragraph format and click on Create button.


Provide any name and continue.4

Now go to header data .5

Assign the Standard paragraph as P1. 6

Double click on paragraph format and click on Create button.7

Provide a character format name. Provide as HL( any name can be put ) and continue.8

Go to Font tab.9

provide font family, size and colour. Activate. 10

Finished with creation of smart style. go back.


Let’s create a Text module.12

Go to Management tab.


By default, the Style name is- SYSTEM. Now we have to change it.


Assign the above created smart style and click on Text tab.


Provide the google URL and select the url text and click on the Style drop down button.


apply the character format HL.


Save the text module and go back.18

Go to Tx- SFP  and create an interface.


Just activate and go back.



Now create a form.21

Assign the interface.22

In the form context area, create a text.


Assign the text module  created in the above step. Then go to Layout.


Drag and drop a text box on the design view page and select the text and right click, from the option choose Floating field.


Bind it to the text module variable.


Activate and test the form.


So here we have the text module text and click on it.


The url is launched and web page displayed.




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