Call Transaction Vs Session


Update Mode

A- Asynchronous  Update function modules are executed in UPDATE work process. A is the default mode.
S-Synchronous  Update function modules are executed in UPDATE work process but all COMMIT WORK are processed as if they were COMMIT WORK AND WAIT.
L-Local update task  Update function modules are executed as if SET UPDATE TASK LOCAL has been executed at the start of each LUW, i.e. they are executed in the same work process as the main program.

Display Mode

N- None Screens are not displayed. You must choose this mode when you run the BDC in a background job.
A- All All screens are displayed. On each screen, a little popup is displayed with the next recorded function, the user has to press Enter to execute it.
E- Error By default, screens are not displayed, except if an error occurs.
P Same as N. The difference is that if a breakpoint is reached and the classic debugger is used, then P will avoid the error.


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