Program Progress Bar

In some cases while displaying the O/P of any  reports, if the record volume is very high or  the report looks into multiple tables to gather the information it takes some time lets say 12 to 15 secs to display the ALV. The user provides the Selection criteria and executes the report. Now the use waits 12 secs after which the result is displayed. So in such a case we can use the status bar indicator to keep informing the user what is happening within the program and how much % the program finished to display the output. In such case status bar progress indicator plays important role by informing the user about the program completion state. The below post show one of the implementation case.

Step1. Here is the program. Execute it.

Step2. Provide a financial year and Execute it.

Step3. Here we have the progress bar indicator.

Step4. Records are read from the table. Then we have the below text message along with the progress bar.

Step5. Here we are preparing the records in the output format to display. The below message is shown. 

Step6. Finally We have the output grid.



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