Text Module in Window

Creating a simple smartform and using text module in the smartform window

Step1.  Go to Tcode- SMARTFORMS

Step2. Select the option: Text module and provide a name and choose create.

Step3. Provide some texts and save the text module.

Step4. Now go  and create a smartform and double click on the MAIN window under Pages and Windows option.

Step5. Right click on Main Window and navigate Create->Text.

Step6. From the Text Type option choose- Text Module.

Step7. YES to continue.

Step8. The below option appears to provide the text module name.

Step9. Provide the above created text module name. Activate the form. Choose text button.

Step10. The relevant function module is called. Now choose Test button.

Step11. Select Execute button.

Step12. Choose Print preview.

Step13. So here we have the output of the smartform window displaying the content of the text module.


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