Process On Value-Request [POV] Event in Module Pool

Description: The event POV in module pool program is used to display the F4 values for a field if there is no search help is assigned to the Input field.

Step 1. Create a module pool program [Type ‘M’] and declare some variables and activate the program.

Step 2. Create a screen ‘0001’ and click on the continue button.

Step 3. Provide the short text and select the Normal Screen Radio Button and then click on the Layout Tab.

Step 4. Create an Input field as Bill_No, create a push button with function code ‘DISP’ and ¬†display some fields of the ‘VBRK’ table. For teh Field ‘BILL_NO’ the search help box is left empty as marked below.

Step 5. Define the modules in the PBO and PAI of the screen ‘0001’.

Step 6. Provide some code in the modules as shown below.

Step 7. Create a T-Code for the Program as shown below.

Step 8. Run the program and there is no F4 help for the input field ‘BILL_NO’.

Step 9. Check the VBRK table entries in the SE11 and give one billing document number and the corresponding Billing details is displayed in the screen.

Step 10. To help the user for the Billing Document number, lets get the Search help for the billing document from the VBRK table in SE11.

Step 11. Go to the Layout of the screen and double click on the Bill_No input field and fill the Search Help field as shown below.

Step 12. Now Run the program and The F4 help is appeared for the Input Field.

Step 13. Lets remove the Search Help assigned to the Input Field and populate the data by the POV event.

Step 14. Go to the Flow Logic of the screen and add another POV event as shown below.

Mention the field name against which you want to display F4 help with the Module name an define the module by double clicking on it.

Step 15. Use the Below code to fill the ‘BILL_NO’ FIELD.

Step 16. Now activate the Program and Run it. The F4 values for the Billing Document is displayed by the POV event.


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