ICON in Module Pool

Description: Displaying ICON on the Screen based on some Condition. All Icon names can be obtained from Tcode – ICON.

Step 0. Create a Module Pool program Type ‘M’  and declare some variables and activate the program.

Step 1. create a screen ‘0001’ and click on the continue button.

Step 2.Provide some description and select the Normal screen radio button and at last click on the Layout Button as marked .

Step 3. Create some  input field as shown below and a Push button with F-code ‘DISP’.

Step 4. Design some Output fields from the SFLIGHT table and set the property of each field as output only.

Step 5. Now select the ICON element from the Screen painter Element list and Put it on the screen and provide a name to it as mentioned.

Step 6. Define the Modules in the main program from the Screen Flow Logic.

Step 7. Put some code in the Modules as given below.

Step 8. Create a T-Code for the module pool program.

Step 9. Run the Program.

Step 10. Give the Input and click on the Get Details Button and the RED Icon is visible as per the Max Seat and Occ Seat.

Step 11. Change the input details and click on the Get Details Button and as per the Max seat and Occ seat the Green icon is displayed.


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