outbound & inbound idoc number

IDoc is passed between two systems- sender and receiver. In Sender system the passed IDoc is called outbound IDoc and in receiving system its a inbound IDocs.

Many times, when an outbound IDoc is passed from sender system, we want to know what is the inbound IDoc number generated in the receiving system. Below post helps to find the inbound IDoc for the corresponding outbound IDoc from the sender system.

In Sender System-

Below example shows the MATMAS IDoc. Let’s our outbound IDoc has been triggered. So go to BD87 and search for the IDoc.

Under Outbound Processing Node- Select the line under MATMAS which says – IDoc sent to SAP System or external program and from toolbar select Trace IDocs.

It shows the IDoc number(the outbound IDoc) and the IDoc no. Partner( the inbound IDoc) in the receiving system.

Same thing we can do in the receiving system- for a particular IDoc we can get to know the IDoc number in partner system. Tx- BD87 – Select Trace IDocs.

The IDoc and Partner IDoc number.

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