HANA SQL- Internal Table Operation-4

light111HANA SQL- Internal Table Operation- Select    DUMMY

HANA SQL Script is really cool. Most of the things that we do in ABAP program can also be done in the HANA SQL Script with it rich operators, functions. 

Below post shows how we can a internal table by simply writing SELECT on VARIABLES assuming that they are part of DUMMY table.

In below example we have two variables that hold values, though there are many ways available to push the values in the variable to the internal tables row, here we can simply write SELECT on variables as part of DUMMY table and make the UNION operation and fill our internal table.


Method Implementation-


Test report program to call the AMDP procedure method.


Debug details- At first there are no records in the internal table and the variables hold values. Execute one step.


Now the values available in the variable pushed to the internal table with the UNION operation and select on DUMMY table.


One step execute and finally internal table contains two records. COOL!



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