SAP Annotations

light111ABAP CDS – SAP Annotations

An annotation enriches a definition in the ABAP CDS with metadata. Or it is used to define additional characteristics or capabilities to the ABAP CDS object.  It can be specified for a specific scope of the CDS object such as specific places in a piece of CDS Source code.

SAP Annotations are evaluated by SAP framework and can be either ABAP Annotations or Component Annotations.

ABAP Annotations are evaluated when the DDL object is activated or the DDL object is used on the ABAP runtime environment.  Annotations for which ‘ABAP’ is entered in the framework column are evaluated as ABAP Annotations by the ABAP runtime environment.

Component Annotations are evaluated by frameworks of other software components. Annotations for which a different component[ other than ABAP] is entered in the framework column are component annotations. The component defines the technical and semantic attributes of the CDS objects required by the specific software component such as Odata, UI ,BOPF, Enterprise Search or Analytics. 

ABAP Annotations:

  • AbapCatalog Annotations
  • AccessControl Annotations
  • ClientDependent Annotations
  • DataAging Annotations
  • EndUserText Annotations
  • Environment Annotations

Component Annotations:


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