CI Invoicing- Part2

light111Invoicing Process- Selection Control

Invoicing Type-  Posting Control

In the last post CI Invoicing- Part1  describes the basic steps to create an invoicing process and invoicing type to execute the CI invoicing process successfully. In this post let’s take a little closer look on how to control the CI billing document selection during the invoicing .

Below is the invoicing process- selection control. The source document category – INVBI and with no enhanced selection control.


No enhanced selection control for the invoicing process- source document category.


During the Invoicing Process, it selects/finds all document with category- INVBI and the source document type can be different.


If in an invoicing process, the selection need to select only one source doc type of a source document category, then we can make this with below config:


Here we can set the desired source document type for the source document category.


Once you execute the invoicing, it exactly finds the CI billing doc with matching criteria.


In the Invoicing Type- the invoicing process is assigned and also it controls the posting document for different billing document.

With below settings, for multiple billing documents, one CI invoicing document is created but posting document is created for each billing document.


CI billing doc-1


CI billing doc-2


A single invoice for 2 billing docs.


2 Posting docs( each for 1 billing doc) for 1 invoicing doc.


With below settings- Separate Posting Items per billing document- it adds the tax amount.


Billing Doc-1


Billing Doc-2


Invoicing doc : It contains 2 billing docs, Highlighted lines are the tax lines created as invoicing items for 2 billing docs.



The Invoicing doc contains- only one posting doc.


Posting doc details:




  1. The invoicing process used in invoicing has selection control, which can select multiple CI invoicing orders( ci billing docs) and can be combined into one invoicing document. Here the selection control and underneath enhanced selection control criteria are-
    Source Doc Category- INVBI and source doc type- XTE. Among the available billing docs, when the invoicing carried out, it only picks 2 docs satisfying the selection control criteria.


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