CI Mass Activity Program – In Depth

light111CI Mass Activity Program – In Depth

Due to huge volume of data processing in FICA/CI, most reports have 3 different flavors like single processing, mass processing and Mass Activity Processing.

With single processing – a single document can be processed but where as in mass processing multiple documents can be processed but with mass activity processing multiple documents with load distribution among multiple servers can be configured and when mass activity transaction is executed it always created a background job. 

The drawback with mass activity transaction is that a variant can’t be created for the mass activity identifier but where as with single and mass processing a variant can be created and for same a background job can be scheduled.

The below post describes how to schedule a mass activity program on periodic basis.

The below mass activity transaction is used to create CI billing document from the BITs.

Execute the tx.


here we can set the run ID and a identification and set different input values.


Date can be specified.


Save the mass activity.  The program can be run for the runid in foreground or background by selecting the option “Schedule Program Run”.


But it is not always the case that the someone has to run the program with input details but rather it must be a scheduled job run that takes inputs correctly like date must be set correctly for the correct period. When we create variants for the normal report we can set the date as dynamic one and when the background job is scheduled, the dates are adjusted for the current run period as per the rule.

But before looking into that lets see the mass activity transaction config details.


The mass activity type= 8100 


The event- 8180 called activity interval.


The event and the associated FM can be seen in Tx- FQEVENTS. The evnet 8180 function module is mainly responsible to create billing document for the BITs.


The other event- 8181 [ activ parameter] is used to shift the inputs parameters to a number of days when the mass activity program is scheduled trough the scheduler program.


To schedule a mass activity program, it uses another report called RFKK_MA_SCHEDULER.

Execute the program in Tx- SE38.


here the input details can be provided.


Select the details. Here we can select a template run ID that we created in the above step.


We can save the input as a variant.



A periodic background job is scheduled for the scheduler program for the mass activity 8100 or any other mass activity.  As the scheduler variant points to just a identifier of the mass activity program, the input parameters can’t be adjusted directly for the job run date but as the mass activity contains an event for the active parameters , that event parameter function module helps in adjusting the input parameters especially date fields as required.


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