CI Billing Plan for SOM Subscription Contract

light111CI Billing Plan for SOM Subscription Contract Recurring Fee

CI[convergent invoicing] provides the functionality of Billing Plan. In SOM[Subscription Order Management], the subscription contract may incur an usage based price, recurring price and one-off charge.

In old BS BRIM, the usage and recurring fee are calculated from the CC[convergent charging] using the charge plan- price plan. But in S4 CRM SOM, the CC calculates the usage based charge but now the contract recurring price that occurs over billing cycle is now calculated from the CI Billing Plan.

The below post shows the necessary configuration required in CI side and SOM side to finally create a billing plan for the SOM subscription contract recurring fee.

In Tx- FICAIMG – The billing plan type and the billing plan item type are defined and assigned.


Here the billing plan type is defined- SBPR  which basically assigned to the BIT class.


Next the Billing Plan item type is defined. The billing plan item type could be a recurring one or one-time. As the post is to create the billing plan for the SOM subscription contract recurring fee, here the item type is a recurring item. 

Again the billing plan item type is assigned to the subprocess and to the billable item type.


The billing plan item type could be normal or exception . So choose appropriately.


Here the billing plan item type is assigned to the billing plan type.


This is mostly the configuration required from CI side.

Next the SOM configuration.

When in S4CRM SOM, the subscription contract is created, to create the billing plan CI , it needs what is the billing plan type and billing plan item type.


Here in below cust, the assignment of the billing plan type and billing plan item type are assigned to the subscription contract transaction type and the contract item category.


Now in SOM, create a subscription order and submit the order to create the contract.


Create order and submit. Contract is created. Select the contract link to open the SOM subscription contract.


The contract is active which means the contract is replicated to FICA and CC and the contract has a recurring price 25 USD for the billing cycle.


In the order/contract the billing cycle is also determined. 

How the billing cycle is determined in the subscription order/contract. The billing cycle is defined in CI and then either the billing cycle is assigned to the product master or a billing cycle determination rule is assigned to the product. Note that in S4 CRM SOM, the MM03 material master is used as the SOM and CI are in same box.


The customizing to define the billing cycle in Tx- FICAIMG.


Billing Cycle- 0001 is a monthly billing cycle( see the frequency and length)



Now let’s look the provider contract in CI. Open Tx- FP_VT3 and provide the contract no as created in SOM.


Now it has a billing plan. Double click on the billing plan to see the details.


Here is the billing plan details. The billing plan item has a validity period which is same as the contract item validity period and it has a price for the billing cycle. 


Check the request history tab. Generally the BIT can be requested for the billing plan item over the billing cycle and then the generated BITs can be billed, invoiced and customer payment receive happens.


Now lets request for the BIT for the billing plan. Check the next request date from the billing plan item.


Provide the date and execute.


Bit generation is successful.


So for the first month the BITs are requested. So the next cycle date appears as the BIT request date. Now lets check the request history tab.


The BIT price is calculated always on a prorated basis. For 1 month the price = 25 USD and but the bit request is started from 5th to end on the month. So a prorated price is calculated.


There are also reports are available in CI to see the billing plan details without going to the contract and also to generate the BITs for the billing plan.


The below report is a Monitor report of billing plan. Execute the Tcode as given below-

25– the output can be controlled with input and also in further selection.26

This is a list and to see the details double click on the billing plan number.


Billing Plan BITs can be requested from the billing plan but also there are single, mass , mass activity reports are available for the same.

Lets see the individual BIT request transaction for the billing plan.


For the above billing plan provide the next request date.


check the billing plan. Now the next cycle date appears.


The price is calculated for the whole month. So it is 25 USD.


The below are list of helpful Billing Plan Transaction codes.


And many times we wonder what are the DB tables for the billing plan , below are the list.




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