BIT Check and Enrichment

light111BIT Check and Enrichment

In BRIM, the CC[convergent charging] system generates BITs as a part of rating process and these BITs are passed to the CI[convergent Invoicing] system for further Billing and Invoicing Process. Many a times business demands to enrich the BITs or do some validation on the BITs in the CI system during the replication from CC. 

To make this possible, CI provides some customizing to register some customer specific function module and put the custom logic as per the customer requirement.

In Tx- FICAIMG , as marked in below highlighted path-> Define Processing Rules and Program Enhancement.


Choose you BIT class type and select Program Enhancement.


Here against some events, a Function Module can be specified. Here the event is-10 which is Enrichment and check of billable items . SAP provides some sample FMs , lets maintain this in the customizing and save it.


Let’s open the FM in Tx- SE37 and put a breakpoint. This is a sample FM and doesn;t contains any code.


Usually when the BITs replicated from CC to CI, that time the above FM is executed but in CI we have sample report which can be used to create sample BITs. Lets use this to create BITs. Provide the details and execute. 


Now the event FM is triggered. 


The BIT information.


BITs created. Let’s see the details.


Here POSTING RELEVANT flag is set.


As a business requirement, we need to clear this POSTING relevant flag. So lets copy the above sample FM and create a new and make some ABAP coding. Details can be found in the documentation of the sample FM.


In cust, lets maintain our own FM.


Generate the BITs again via the sample report.


The program dynamically calls the registered FM.


BITs generated. Let’s see the details


The POSTING relevant flag is cleared. 


Above use case represents a very simple scenario, but with same approach a complex business requirement can be achieved.


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