FICA Reconciliation Key

light111FICA Reconciliation Key

The SAP Module integration like SD-FI or MM-FI works seamlessly. For example when in SD, a legal invoice is created it creates an accounting document but the integration between FICA_FI is not seamless. 

In FICA mostly the invoicing documents generates from various applications like Convergent Invoicing , ISU and etc. As the volume of the documents are very huge these are not directly transferred to FI. So here FICA servers as a sub-ledger kind of a thing. These huge volume of documents are combined/consolidated based on the concept of reconciliation key and finally as a batch processing these consolidated/summarized records are posted to the FI general ledger. 

Reconciliation key :

-> A key in FICA used to prepare summary records to be posted to FI general ledger

-> Can be created manually and assigned during single invoice creation

->Automatically created and assigned to invoice documents in mass processing

Below table holds the information of reconciliation key and the status shows fro what purpose it is used.



In CI[convergent invoicing], during the creation of singe invoice is asks for a reconciliation key.



Important T-Codes related to reconciliation key.


Tx- FPF1 to create a reconciliation key. Just provide a number and hit enter , if this key is not yet created , the success message appears and just save to create the reconciliation key.


Tx- FPF3 to display the reconciliation key.



Another recon key which is closed but note transferred to G/L.


Tx- FPF2 to close the recon key.


Use close button to close the posting to this recon key.


When an CI invoice document is created the header hold the recon key.


The posting document and look for the header details.


Here is the recon key of the FICA posting document.



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