Exclude Fields in Variant Matching

light111Exclude Fields in Variant Matching

Variant Matching is a feature that allows to replace a configurable product  with a variant product  in a sales order/some other order .

When you configure a product in an order with different characteristic value, then the system tries to find out a variant product of that configurable product  that matches all the attribute values. In some case you can still ignore some characteristics to find a matching variant product.

Let’s consider  you have:

configurable product –  MOBILE_CONFIG_PROD  with 2 attributes  RAM_SIZE [ Values 4GB/8GB/16GB] and CAMERA [ Values 16MP/32MP/64 MP].

Now you have a variant product MOBILE_VAR_PROD_RAM2GB  of the configurable product where the attribute is set as RAM_SIZE = 2GB.

Now in the order when you add the config product MOBILE_CONFIG_PROD and set RAM SIZE = 2GB and CAMERA = 16MP then the system will not find any variant product as the search is carried out with 2 parameters. As our variant product MOBILE_VAR_PROD_RAM2GB has only one attribute, then we can disable the characteristics CAMERA while making the variant matching.

Variant Matching is usually set in the item category and if Matching Variant action is set as 4, then the system tries to replace the config material with the variant material.



How to disable a characteristic from variant matching. Excute the report-RCU_EXCL_CHARACTERISTICS in Tx- SE38


Here you can provide the config material 


The characteristics: PHONE_OS is assigned to the config material- PHONE. 

It has two sections- if you select the exclusion type [ yes] for the characteristics PHONE_OS without material, then for all the config material where this characteristic is assigned, this characteristic will not be considered for the variant matching.

If  you select the exclusion type [ yes] for the characteristics PHONE_OS  material, then exclusion is applied to this material while making the variant matching.



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