Customizing Provider Transaction Type

light111Customizing Provider Transaction Type

In Customer Management, standard provides transaction type- PRVO  for the provider order. Often it is required to have a new provider transaction type.


Here you can make a copy of the transaction type- PRVO to create a new one.


One the provider transaction type is created, you need to add this transaction type in the provider order and contract management.


Here you have to add the provider transaction type and set the document purpose[ like standard provider order or if it is a partner order transaction type then the doc purpose likely to be Revenue Sharing Order] and also provider the target transaction type. Here for provider order- PRVO the target transaction type- PRVC which is the provider contract document.


Once you finish this and logon with role- PROV_SALES you will be able to see the new provider transaction type when you try to create a new provider order.


Try to create a new provider order.





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