Area Menu Tricks

light111Making area menu as default user menu

When we logon to the system, we usually find the SAP Menu in the Easy access screen. But a business user might be working in a particular field like SD/MM/FI …  ! In such a case settings can be made to display the relevant area menu on the easy access screen instead of SAP menu.


Lets try the area menu – VA00 related to Sales. 


It displays the relevant  tree menu.


To make user area menu as the default menu, navigate along the path as highlighted below.


This is the user profile and select the Defaults tab and here we can maintain our related are menu.


Provide relevant area menu that you are interested. Just for demo lets put it as VA00 and save.


Now when you login again or    do a /N   and select the easy access screen. The user can see the customized area menu instead of SAP menu.


If the customer switch back to the SAP menu, just select the button and sap menu is loaded to the easy access screen.



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