SD Pricing Tables & Pricing Transactions

light111SD Pricing Tables and Pricing Transactions

The post describes details of  the DB tables and most frequent Transactions used in SD pricing.


SD PRICING Procedure  Data Base Tables
T683 Pricing Procedure
T683U Pricing Procedure Text
T683S Pricing Procedure Data
T683V Pricing Procedure Determination in Sales Docs
Condition Types Data Base Tables
T685 Condition Types
T685T Condition Types Texts
T685A Condition Types: Additional Price Element Data
Access Sequence Data Base Tables
T682 Conditions: Access Sequence
T682T Conditions: Access Sequence Texts
T682I Access Sequence: Condition Tables
T682z Access Sequence: Condition Table Fields
Condition Table Data Base Tables
T681 Condition Table
T681E Condition Table Fast-Entry Fields
Pricing Transactions
V/08 Pricing Procedure
V/07 Access Sequence
V/06 Condition Types
V/05,    V/04,      V/03 Display/Change,Create- Condition Table
Condition Record Transactions
VK11 Cretae
VK12 Change
VK13 Display

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