Stateless Vs Stateful Protocol

light111Stateless Vs Stateful Protocol

In the last post SAP Gateway  we talk a little about SAP Gateway with REST and oDATA.

In SAP oDATA, we often heard about the term stateless. Lets explore a little what exactly it is .

In client server communication over internet, when any request is made to the server, a session is established. So a stateless protocol is a communication protocol where the server don’t retain any session information or status  about the communication partner for multiple requests. Ex- HTTP protocol is a stateless.

Whereas in stateful protocol, it requires  to keep the session information on the server. Ex- TCP protocol is stateful protocol.

With stateful protocol, the server needs to allocate additional memory space to keep the session information. If there are many users/the server gets many requests, then it requires a good scaleable server design to handle requests.

With stateless protocol, the server design is simple as there is no need to allocate memory to keep the session information. 


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