External Billing Document Request (EBDR)

light111External Billing Document Request (EBDR) in SD

In SAP SD, internal sales documents like DMR( one type of sales order ), Sales order->Deliveries can be billed in Tx- VF01 or VF04, etc and also external billing items can be uploaded ( external billing items origination in another SAP system or 3rd Party system) and billed in SD. The external billing items are not persisted in any DB table but directly converted into SD billing items and stored in billing header table VBRK and billing item table VBRP.

Usually many companies need to bill the internal sales documents and external billing items to be billed together which was not possible because billing internal sales documents and billing external billing items carried out in different SD billing transactions.

With S/4 HANA  – 1709 On Premise release, SD provides new feature to upload external billing items to SD and it is then stored in the billing header VBRK and the items stored with billing item table- VBRP but with a document category as – EBDR (External Billing Document Request). 


The class- CL_SD_BIL_EBDR_FACADE provides new API methods  IF_SD_BIL_EBDR_ACTION~CREATE_FROM_DATA to create EBDR in SD.


The new EBDR document can be displayed in Tx- VFR3 


After EBDR document created in SD, by using Tx- VF04 user can select the new selection check box- external Data to select the EBDR documents to be billed in SD.


One important feature is that using Tx- VF04, internal sales documents and external billing document request docs can be billed together.


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