Customer-Material Info in SAP SD

lightCustomer-Material Info in SAP SD



When the customer manages a material number which is different from the company’s material  number, in such case customer-material information is actually needed to be created. Tx- VD51/VD52/VD53 can be used to create/change/display customer material info record.

The post shows how to create such customer-material info and uses it in sales order.

Very first there is no customer-material info record is maintained. Now go to Tx- VA01 to create a sales order of type debit memo request for the sales area-1000/10/10.


Provide the sales doc type and the sales area.


Provide the customer(sold to party) and now we have to provide the material number and its quantity. Also in item section one column is there Customer Material, press F4 option.


The pop up appears which tries to check if any such customer-material info record is maintained for the customer that belongs to the sales org and distribution channel.


The status message shows no such record found.


Now you can provide the original material number and quantity to create the order.


Here provided two material number and its quantity.


To maintain the customer-material info, use/execute  Tx- VD51.


Provide the customer number, sales org and distribution channel and hit enter key.


Under material no- provide the material number that exist in the company and under customer material provide the material number that customer uses. Hit SAVE button.


No try to create an order in Tx- VA01 for the customer for which customer-material info recorded has been created in  the previous step. Press F4 option in Customer Material firld column.


Press Continue button.


Here the pop up shows one material. Double click on the line if you want to add that material in the order item list.


The customer material number is added in the order list but the original material number not yet added. Hit enter key.


Its asks for the quantity. provide the quantity and hit enter key.


Now the original material number H11 appears. It is also possible to combine other materials in the order for which no customer material info are maintained. Like H12 material.



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