Material Listing & Exclusion in SAP SD

lightMaterial Listing & Exclusion in SAP SD



Material Listing & Exclusion is a list where it is mentioned which set up materials a customer can by( those material present in the LISTING) and which set up materials a customer can;t but(those material present in the EXCLUSION ). The Material Listing & Exclusion uses the condition technique. 

The post shows the step by step process of creating the customizing steps and creating condition records for the listing and exclusion and checking how it works in sales scenario.

Before doing all customizing steps for the Listing & Exclusion, lets first create a sales document debit memo request in Tx- VA01.

Here for the customer we have added all 4 materials.


To do the customizing for , go to Tx- SPRO and navigate along the highlighted steps.


The material listing & exclusion is based on the condition technique. All steps are marked.

We assume that the condition tables are created/already available.

Let’s choose the option- Maintain Access Sequence for listing/exclusion


Choose access sequence A001 and choose Accesses option from left hand side.


Choose the access line 1 with and choose Fields option from left side.


It contains two fields he customer and the material.


Similarly for access sequence – B001.


The allowed fields in the condition table.


The next step is to create the condition type for listing and exclusion and assigning them to the access sequence. Choose the option – Maintain listing/exclusion type


Here the condition types are created and assigned to the access sequence.


Next step is to create/define the listing/exclusion determination procedure. Choose the option Procedures for maintaining listing/exclusion.


New procedures can be created by using the New Entries button.  Here already two different procedures are already created one for listing and one for exclusion. Select each procedure and check the control data.


The listing condition type is added to the procedure.


Procedure for exclusion.


The exclusion condition type is added to the procedure.


The last customizing step is to assigning the listing procedure and exclusion procedure to the sales order type.


Here we have assigned the listing procedure to the sales document type- DR.


Next step is to created condition types for listing/exclusion. Tx- VB01/VB02/VB03 can be used to create/change/display condition records. 

Execute Tx-  VB01 to create condition records for listing.


provide listing condition type- A001 and hit enter key.


Provide the customer number and the allowed material numbers for listing.


Now lets test the listing scenario by creating an order type -DR for the customer/sold to party- 491000( as we have created the condition record for this customer only).

Go to Tx- VA01 and create the order.


Provide the sold to party as- 491000 and provide the materials with quantity. When a material is entered that belongs to the customer material listing, there is no error. When a material is entered that doesn’t appear for the customer material listing, the system throws an error.


Let’s test the exclusion scenario. Till now we have not assigned the exclusion procedure to the sales document type- DR and not created the condition records for exclusion condition type.

Create a DR for the sold to party- 491010 on Tx- VA01. Here it allows two materials as shown.




Now lets assign the exclusion procedure to the sales doc type DR.


To create the condition record for Exclusion – Execute Tx- VB01 and provide exclusion condition type – B001 and hit enter key.


Maintain the material exclusion list for the customer- 491010 and save it. Here we have added only one material in the exclusion list for the customer- 491010


Now execute Tx- VA01 and create a debit memo request of type- DR


Provide a sold to party as- 491010 and provide the material number that is maintained in the exclusion list. The system throws an error message as this material in not allowed for the customer.



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