Set Operation Mode in SAP System

lightHow to set operation mode in SAP system



Operation mode enables to make use of the system resources(work processes) according to the varying requirements. In set up of operation mode, the resources are configured for the instances. 

Let’s consider the case that in day time you need more dialog work processes & few background work processes but in night time you need few dialog work processes but more background work processes.

In such a case two different operation modes can be defined and during each operation mode can have different number of dialog and background work processes. And the system ( each instance) can be configured when to run in which operation mode( depending on the time).The operation mode switching can happen automatically or manually.

To create an operation mode use Tx- RZ04


To create a new operation mode, select the Create button.


Here the details can be provided, like sap system name and operation mode name and description. Save. In above already we have one operation mode created as ‘DAY’.


Next we have to assign the operation mode to the instance and allocate the resources. So select the button Instances/Operation Modes.


Navigate along the menu path .


Once created and resources are allocated, it looks like below. It shows which application server is assigned to which operation mode and in the operation mode the resource allocated number details.


If you double click on the operation mode name, you can see the resource details.


Here we have two different operation modes a DAY & BATCH.


Here we have two instances. One operation mode is assigned to the first instance and two operation modes are assigned to the second instance. For the second instance, the two operation modes have different number of dialog & background work processes.


To set the time interval go to the Tx- SM63


Select Display button.


All time intervals are assigned to the DAY interval.


To assign an interval to an operation mode, it can be done through the menu path.




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