Lock & Unlock Client in SAP

lightLock & Unlock Client in SAP



In SAP system to lock/unlock a client, function module – SCCR_LOCK_CLIENT   can be used to  lock a client and function module –  SCCR_UNLOCK_CLIENT  can be used to unlock a client. 

For this demo 200 client is used.

Go to Tx- SCC4 and double click the client 200. It is not locked now.


To lock a client goto Tx- SE37 and execute FM- SCCR_LOCK_CLIENT and provide the client number to be locked ( obviously the user needs specific autorization). 


Again run Tx- SCC4 and open client 200 and its locked now.


When user tries to login into 200 client the below error appears.


To release the lock of a locked client execute the function module- SCCR_UNLOCK_CLIENT in Tx- SE37 and provide the locked client number.


Again run Tx- SCC4 and open the client 200. The lock released and user can login to the system with this client.



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