Switch Framework -1

lightBusiness Function Set, Business Function & Switch



Business Function Set, Business Function & Switch are three major components of the Switch Framework.

Logically a Business Function Set is a group/collection of Business Functions and it corresponds to an industry solution.

Logically a Business Function is a  group/set of switches.

A switch is an object which controls the visibility of different other repository objects or controls the run time behavior of other objects.


A business function set may contain several business functions from different industry solutions and also a business function set can also be nested means a business function set can contain other business function sets. It is also quite possible that the business functions of different industry solutions can participate in multiple business function sets.


A business function is a building block of business function set which contains a set of switches and it can be switched on/activated. Once the business function is activated all the associated switches( except conflict switches) are activated. 

Business function can be reversible and non-reversible and  reversible business functions can be made switched on and off. From a functional point of view business function types are:

  • Industry Business Functions which are always assigned to a business function set.
  • Enterprise Business Functions which are independent of the business function set.

A switch controls the visibility or run time behavior of different repository objects assigned to it. A switch can have 3 states as on,off & standby. 

ON- The objects behaves like non switchable objects.

OFF- The system behaves as these objects do not exists.

STAND BY-  All dictionary objects and all static code enhancements like enhancement point point & section (STATIC) are switched on but other objects are switched off.

Transaction Purpose
SFW1  Switch 
SFW2 Business Function
SFW3 Business Function Set
SFW5 Business Function Switch On
SFW_BROWSER Switch Framework Browser





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