Assign Sales Area to Sales Doc Types

lightAssign Sales Area to Sales Document Types



In an org, different sales org may deals with creation of different types of sales document. In this case it is necessary to allow different sales document types to be created by sales organization.

Below steps would enable you to assign sales ares to sales doc type.

Already a sales area- 100/10/10( 1000- Sales Org, 10- Dist Chnl, 10- Division ) created.

Go to Tx- SPRO and IMG and navigate along the shown path/ tx- OVAZ


We have to assign a ref sales org for the sales org 1000 .


we can assign the same sales org 1000 as a reference sales org.


Next step is to create a ref distribution channel for the distribution channel.


The same distribution channel 10 can be assigned as reference distribution channel.


The next step is to assign a reference division.


The same division 1o can be assigned as a reference division .



Finally we can assign the reference sales org,dist channel,division to the sales doc type 



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