Masking Payment Card in Customer Master

MASK Masking payment card numbers in customer master.



Many times in business it is needed to display payment card numbers assigned to customer master to be displayed in masked format.The post shows how to set the customizing to achieve this.

Here we have the customer master displayed in Tx- XD03


Few payment cards added to this customer master but these card numbers appear withou masked.


Open the highlighted path in SPRO or in  Tx- SM30 open the view V_TCCSEC.


We have to maintain the security level.


Choose level as 1 and Save.


Now again launch tx- XD03 and display the payment card details of the customer. The numbers are displayed in masked format.


Here in the customising we can also specify how many numbers should not be masked either in beginning or ending or both. Here put 4 At End. Save the changes.


in XD03/XD02 all numbers except last 4 digits are not masked.



One comment

  1. Hi.. Was able to mask the cc number with the above steps but when one selects display cc number it shows the complete number. FM ccsec_ccnum_show_unmasked is called. Please help on how to display the masked number.


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