Simple GAF Application- Part 4

The post describes how to create a document object[quick help] and using it as an explanation text for the GAF step. The previous post Simple GAF Application- Part 1 describes how to create a simple two step GAF application

Go to Tx- SE61 and choose Document Class as – GENERAL TEXT, Provide a Document name and Create.


Provide the necessary text that describes a GAF application step explanation. Activate it.


Go to the GAF application main step. Select the main step and click on add Explanation button. It asks for a Docu Object name and provide the above create document object name . Save and test the application.


So here we are on the first step but no explanation text is available.


Normally the quick help explanation is hidden. Just right click and select Display Quick Help Option.


So here the quick help and also it can be hidden by using the link “ Hide Quick Help“.



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